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about tara

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Tara is a current fourth-year at the University of Chicago pursuing a triple major in Media Arts & Design – Creative Computing, Environmental & Urban Studies, and Art History – Architecture. She's actively involved in the business and entrepreneurship sector of campus, and is currently taking classes at UChicago's Booth School of Business. She also serves as a general partner at LTF Ventures, UChicago's student-run VC with a half a million dollar AUM. In the past, she's completed multiple internships in UX design, product design, and product management, volunteered in architectural design with Chicago Public Schools, and has been a international finalist in multiple business-related competitions. She is known for her energetic and friendly personality, as well as being a strong leader and collaborator.

In terms of her work, Tara's focus is designing for marginalized communities, informed by both her urban studies classes as well as her own various identities and experiences with them. When possible, her works especially love to emphasize a variety of curves and/or textures, a nod to her early fascinations with fiber arts and general handicrafts from her youth. Regardless, all of Tara's design work is consistently centered around the lived experiences of the individual. In the past, Tara has designed works for the physically and mentally impaired, children, the elderly, and other often overlooked identities. She has intense familiarity with ADA and WCAG guidelines, and consistently designs works that extend past just compliance. Her works are centered around the margins, and Tara finds herself inspired by readings such as John Lee Clark's "Against Access" and Alison Kafer's Feminist Queer Crip.

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